A distinction in true learning is when one contributes to real work, real people, and in a real space. Through our programmes, we challenge our learners to not just gain head knowledge and hand skills, but to practice and apply the competencies and qualities actively with their heart, and as a reminder to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

By identifying and connecting to purposeful environmental or social issues, learners apply their knowledge and skills back in their own communities to raise awareness, while strengthening their own self-confidence to give back.

Discover our Programme-Based Social Movements
In 2018, we have set out to create a platform for learners to engage the community and start giving back, regardless of age or amount of resources one has. More importantly, we believe that giving is a learning process that allows our learners to grow while helping others. (We will be updating on our Social Movement soon, stay tuned!)
WOW Kampung's brand hashtag represents our voice on the social media front. Through this, we aspire to spread the lifestyle and culture of the future-ready spirit.

Join us by tagging a milestone, a process, a space, or an activity that reminds you of gratitude, confidence, joy, health, and the experiences that made you who you are today.