Today we exist in a VUCA world, where industries are racing towards rapid globalisation and our ecosystems are in turn becoming more complex, unsustainable, and steeped in great uncertainty.

What is the resultant effect on our generation of people? Challenges in taking control of our lives, finding our sense of purpose and value, and sustaining deeper connections with ourselves and the community and environment around us.
Our Vision
At WOW Kampung, we have one vision in mind:

A future where people are resilient, confident, and future-ready Activators of Change, who are inspired to give and ignited to serve.

Thriving and adapting in an uncertain future requires people to be equipped with the right qualities, values, skills and tools, to enable us to be aware of our full potential and become positive impacts to the world.
Our Mission
Cultivating Activators of Change

We are on a mission to empower people with the ability to take control of wellbeing, build a positive relationship with yourself internally, and externally with the community and environment, and take action in creating meaningful change.

We do this by fuelling 21st century education with learning experiences that become powerful tools for personal growth, nurturing learners into resilient, confident, and future-ready individuals who can overcome challenges throughout their life-long journey towards a fulfilling life.

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Our Motto
Inspire to Give, Ignite to Serve

We believe that a driving core towards a happy, purposeful and sustainable future is the human spirit of giving and serving.

WOW Kampung is committed to embody this spirit through our social movements, which serve as a platform for our learners to join us in serving for real causes. Through our learning programmes, we also cultivate the values of gratitude, community spirit, and ownership of our environment.

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Our WOW Kampung story started back in 2012, when a group of activists who believe in making impactful changes through positive and constructive actions came together to create a 21st Century Kampung, named Ground-Up Initiative (GUI) . Seeing there was a need for a better understanding and connection of the Self with Nature and Community for future developments, WOW Kampung was born as the education arm of GUI.

Along the way, the land our Kampung was sitting on was to be taken back for redevelopment. By bringing light to the positive impacts the Kampung can nurture, we successfully halted the redevelopment and gained the support of the government to co-create the Kampung Kampus we have today.

Through the 6 years of sustainable progress, we worked on the ground to understand and integrate the needs of the environment and community into our projects. We inspired mindsets and ignited actions for positive change from the ground-up - one person, one community, and one school at a time. Beyond environmentalism, we believe it is about rootedness, identity and community building for a different Singapore that lives within the 5G vision (Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded and Grateful) of GUI.

More importantly, we believe that any activation of change needs to start with the Self. Therefore, it is important to begin a change in our attitudes (the head), acquire new competencies (the hands), before putting ideas into action with a sincere heart and our feet on the ground.

Today, our Kampung Kampus land is again facing the odds of redevelopment. But this time, we want to take control of our future and not just fight for a hope of tomorrow. Transcending beyond the land of Kampung Kampus, we remain a close affiliate to GUI, striving to continue spreading the values and Kampung spirit for future-readiness, and creating learning experiences that bring out the best of our people.