Welcome to the world of JOE!
Unique to our pre-school learners, the JOE programmes are a series of engagements designed specially for children on themes of environmental care and character development. The lessons are taught through a recurring character designed specifically to connect better with children.

Who is JOE?
Developed wholly by WOW Kampung, JOE (Just One Earth) is a character who represents the only liveable planet we have today. With his bright colours and joyful smile, JOE provides an inviting and strong personality for children to relate and become best friends with in their journey of loving and caring for Earth. This emotional connection with JOE helps children to spark curiosity, retain knowledge and discover how to apply learning from a young age.

Objectives of JOE
  • To sow the seeds of caring for the environment and our community.
  • To weave learning into the child's understanding of the world, their values, and their character.
  • To develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness between self and the wider environment.
  • To encourage family involvement in the child's learning, and through the child, spread the spirit of active social and earth citizenry through their family and the wider community.
A foundational step to open and excite children about JOE! Through 6 themes designed to complement pre-school education that teachers can choose in relation to their present curriculum.
Ages: 4-6
Time: 2 Hours
Location: In Schools
Suitable for 30 - 40 Pax (Max 50 Pax)
Delve deeper into the themes of JOE with our camps, learning journeys and carnival day!
Join our movement in creating positive change in the culture and heart-ware of pre-school education through the JOE Project.