The Team
Aaron Tan
Da Boss
"I love my team and this opportunity we have to truly serve and create a positive impact."
Tai Xu Hong
Kampung Warrior
"A person who prefers to take the alternative path to explore the less known. This is what I believe is the way to be truly living - to enjoy the excitement of learning and the challenge of finding solutions to make things better. As a Kampung Warrior, I am not just a practitioner of martial arts, and also an Environmental Engineer one who believes in fighting for the need to do the right thing for our environment and community."
Bela Somaiah
Environmental Education Lead
"I love to be outdoors, enjoying the beauty of wildlife and catching the amazing colours of the sky at sunset. As a Planeteer (like in the cartoon Captain Planet from the '90s), I hope to inspire people to strengthen their own connection to nature!"
Nabilah Moen
Play Ambassador
Pre-School Education Lead
"It is magical when we see children play with each other. When they wonder, ask, experiment, maybe fail for a few times, and suddenly, after a few meddling, it clicks for them! Super magical."
Liew Zhan Wen
ZBoy Ninja
Marketing & Ops Planner
"Like how it defines me as a breakdancer, Zboy defines how I express what we do and how we inspire others within WOW Kampung, with originality, creativity and flavour. Like a ninja, I am swift and ensure that the logistic needs are met with perfection."