H3ROES Environmental Movement
Activated in 2011, H3ROES is a 7-year environmental movement between Canon (Singapore) and WOW Kampung, focused at inspiring Secondary school youths to be leaders in environmental and community outreach.

Till date, H3ROES has activated 677 students from 49 secondary schools through an experiential 2D1N camp that focuses on various themes, such as Box It Up (2015), #H3R0ESLOVESG: To Love and To Care For Our Earth (2017), and Choose Less Plastic (2018).
Spreading the spirit of Kyosei (Canon's philosophy of "living and working together for the common good"), students explore the issues of graciousness, ecological sustainability, and waste management through using imagery techniques as a means for storytelling. They learn to apply the skills and knowledge of advocacy towards playing a proactive role in an outreach that has engaged 9,376 people within the community since 2011.
The strategy for sustaining this movement is for all H3ROES schools to take purposeful actions for a sustained period of time, becoming a hub that engages in caring for their immediate community. This amplifies the impact of the H3ROES movement on enacting real change to the surrounding community through students.

Over the years, H3ROES has also been covered by The Straits Times, Lian He Zao Bao, and The Singapore Magazine to help spread awareness.

Ultimately, H3ROES aspires to nurture the right values and attitudes of an environmental leader through the spirit of giving and storytelling. Students are able to connect and inspire different stakeholders of the community from a young age, and understand that they play a big part in the fabric of a harmonious society.

Additionally, the H3ROES programme is designed to assist teachers and students to fulfil their practical needs of VIA and LEAP 2.0 through the programme, while doing purposeful good through a national movement.
JOE (Just One Earth) Day
Held annually in March and coinciding with Earth Hour, JOE Day brings together children who participated in our JOE programmes and their parents in a fun one-day carnival to equip parent-and-child with shared experiences, skills, knowledge, techniques and mindsets on how they can love and care for our Earth together.

The annual social movement has engaged a total of 4,800 parents and children since its inception in 2014, and aspires to nurture an Earth-conscious community starting from the family unit. After all, good habits and values are sowed in the family, and if our parents can become strong advocates of JOE, it would help the child sustain their learning and habits of loving and caring for their environment and community.

The carnival focuses on tactile play and hands-on activities that connect parent-and-child to their community and bring nature into their homes. These activities can include making garbage enzyme, composting, and learning techniques to conserve and reduce waste at home.
5G Leadership Camp - NYGH Backyard Garden
Putting Learn-and-Apply into practice, a group of Secondary 3 girls from Nanyang Girls' High School (NYGH) came together in 2013 to bring the vision of a Kampung Garden to life right at the very backyard of their school. This movement came as part of their WOW Kampung 5G Leadership Programme to build a student-run café that promotes the spirit of 5G and the 21st century Kampung culture.

The proposed Kampung Garden is conceptualised as a productive landscape that not only provides food to nourish the bodies, it is also a space for invigorating the mind and soul, reconnecting with our land, as well as inspiring others to join in activating change.

"There is something magical about how one can work on the same plot of land together can also link up with people in subtle ways. In our own lives, we may not be the best of friends, but in the garden we are people who share the same interests with the same goal, and so we are all connected. My best memories of those times are the simple pleasures like weeding the garden amongst the earthy smell of grass or making a cup of coffee with the aroma of the coffee beans filling the air." - NYGH Sec 410 Student, 2016

"The backyard to me in Sec 2 was simply a way to get my hands dirty, but as I realised much later, I wasn't getting dirtier, but rather, more and more enriched as I dug deeper and rooted myself. I feel like my time in the backyard team has really been a long journey of fighting for what I really want to do and because I've discovered myself, my weaknesses, my strengths, I know what I want and I'll fight for it." - NYGH Sec 402 Student, 2016

Stay tuned for the impacts and outreach they continue to make!
5G Leadership Camp - GYSS Social Movement
In 2018, the 5G Leadership Camp saw another Social Movement with Guangyang Secondary School. Focusing on a current issue of "Inspiring Graciousness when Bike Sharing", it activated 70 student leaders to lead their school mates in taking active actions to place OFO bikes, Mobikes and the like to their allocated lots along the street. During the camp, the student leaders learnt to walk and read the ground to identify a social cause that resonates with them, and then co-created, planned, and ran a trial of the social movement with their facilitators. The teachers' pre-ideation of possible causes also helped in providing structure and guidance when ideating and empowering the students with the 5G Movement.

When back in school, the student leaders practiced the same methodology to:
  • walk the grounds of their school and neighbourhood,
  • make relevant the plans to their community,
  • trial the first run by the exco,
  • before rallying and sustaining the actual social movements with their peers over a period of time, engaging the residents in the process
Through this, the 5G Movement was able to help the student leaders to:
  1. Learn more about Self - what does it mean to be part of the community and the Kampung Spirit.
  2. Learn the basics of self-leadership and how they can be champions to help lead it back in school with better self-awareness and self-confidence.
  3. Use this platform as an opportunity for learning to connect with people, public speaking, and basic facilitation through real contributions during and post camp.