Walk in Our Shoes Kampung Retreat
Time: 4.5 Hours
Location: At Kampung Kampus
Suitable for 20 - 30 Pax

The Walk in Our Shoes Kampung Retreat is an experiential team building programme with the following objectives:
  • To bond over exploratory fun, challenges and common purpose for a shared experience
  • To recharge and rejuvenate the mind and body by being close to nature and engaging in back-to-basics activities
  • To "walk in the shoes" of the WOW Kampung community to experience the Living Classroom philosophy - bringing experiential and place-based learning to participants
  • To understand the 5G (Gracious, Green, Giving, Grounded, Grateful) vision of the Kampung
  • To unpack ideas towards nurturing the joy of learning and entrepreneurial dare in your students

  • Hands-on Real Work e.g. Weeding, Digging, Mulching etc
  • Kaya Making Challenge
  • Holistic Plant-based Lunch
  • Kampung Tour
  • Stream Enterer